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Capsules & tablets as nutritional supplements for athletes

No person has the same genetic predispositions as another when it comes to burning fat, general metabolic activity, muscle building or regeneration after sport. Which is why nutritional supplements are immensely popular – even among athletes. In addition to our other private label sports nutrition, nutrineo now also offers the manufacture of capsules & tablets for athletes.

We handle the manufacturing of high-quality supplements such as capsules and tablets on your behalf – to ‘Made in Germany’ quality. Using individual formulations, nutrineo produces hard capsules and tablets to increase performance and improve muscle development – which are taken in addition to a person’s normal diet.

Creatine capsules for building muscle

Creatine is an important component for muscle building. Our creatine capsules give you the option of creating a product suitable for your target market, which we then produce on your behalf as a private label product. The mineral magnesium is another ingredient in our creatine capsules, which primarily supports optimum muscle function.

Our capsules can be produced for you in two different versions: as gelatine or cellulose capsules (vegan alternative). We offer conventional hard capsules with powder or hard capsules with granules.

The latter are also called retard capsules and frequently offer delayed release properties. Generally, capsules are easy to consume and come with the advantage of flexible and cost-effective production.

If needed, hard capsules can be opened so that they can be taken more easily. For instance, if an individual has difficulty swallowing, the powder inside can be mixed with other foods to make it easier to take.

Optimum supply through spirulina tablets

In sport in particular, it is vital to supply your body with essential vitamins, amino acids, minerals and fats. Spirulina can help your body optimise this supply, thereby achieving your sports goals. nutrineo provides the option of creating another private label product for your target market: spirulina tablets, for example.

Tablets generally have the advantage of a long shelf life, they can be produced in various sizes and shapes, and offer greater effectiveness compared to liquids. However, when compared with capsules, tablets are more complex to manufacture.


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Soft capsules or softgels for omega 3

nutrineo also offers the manufacture of soft capsules, known as softgels. These are one-part gelatine capsules that are used mainly for liquid and fat-bound products. An additional advantage of soft capsules is the possibility of dosing pure oils or suspensions such as omega 3, black cumin oil or vitamins.

Soft capsules require a more specialised and sophisticated production than tablets or hard capsules, a factor that is also reflected in their price. The minimum purchase quantity is 300,000 pcs.

Our complete service for your customised product

You have an idea – we plan the route to meet your objective! Together with our holding company, Biohealth International, our product development team for private labels will create your desired product. Our private label consultation team is available throughout the process to advise and support you with any questions you may have. We then handle the production and work on packaging solutions. If required, we can also support you with additional logistics services.


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