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Nutritional Beauty Supplements as a Private Label Product

Nutrineo is your perfect partner if you wish to market nutritional supplements under your brand in the beauty sector. Beauty capsules or beauty drinks – our products are varied and flexible. We support you in product manufacturing and beyond, customising products to your specific wishes and working together to make your product ideas a reality. Our experts have extensive experience in product development and the necessary expertise to make your product a success.

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Beauty products as nutritional supplements

Nutritional supplements are already popular in many different sectors. Conscious nutrition and the supplementary, targeted consumption of protein products is common, especially in sports and weight management. nutrineo not only offers private label sports nutrition, we also offer beauty products as nutritional supplements.

Nowadays, many people lack time – for themselves and for their body. This can have an effect on the metabolism, ageing processes, levels of tiredness and fatigue as well as on the skin, hair and nails. Our products are designed so as to support your health and beauty in the best possible way.

Private label beauty capsules

Our beauty capsules primarily help to maintain or improve the condition of skin, hair and nails.

We can produce hard capsules made from gelatine or cellulose (vegan) for you from a minimum quantity of 100,000 pieces. This minimum order quantity applies both for conventional hard capsules and for hard capsules with granules, so-called retard capsules.

At request, nutrineo can also produce soft capsules, also called softgels. This are mainly suited to liquids and fat-bound products. Due to their more complex and specialised manufacture, the minimum quantity for soft capsules is 300,000 pieces.

Private label beauty drinks

nutrineo also offers innovative product concepts to give you the best possible start to the day or a refreshment at any time. Our product developers have gained extensive expertise in isotonic drinks as well as many years of experience in the field of beauty drinks. Similarly to beauty capsules, these products can also have a positive effect on the skin, hair and nails, also helping to combat anti-ageing effects and stimulate the metabolism.

Expand your product portfolio to include our beauty drinks, appealing beverages with ingredients such as collagen, turmeric and numerous minerals with a range of benefits. Natural plant-based ingredients such as piperine and turmeric can have a positive impact on a person’s radiance.

Comprehensive advice from a private label manufacturer

nutrineo produces the required products but also supports and advises you from the outset. nutrineo provides support from your initial idea to the consultation stage, product development and production, all the way up to storage and distribution. Together with our parent company, Biohealth International GmbH, we have extensive experience in the private label segment. On request, we can work together to design and develop your private label beauty product.


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