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Private Label Beauty Capsules

Offer your customers high-quality capsule products as part of the beauty range from an order quantity of 100,000 pieces.
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Hot on the trail of beauty

The market for beauty products is continually growing and the choice of beauty products has never been greater. Glossy hair, smooth skin and even nails represent beauty and youth. nutrineo gives you the option of developing your own private label beauty product and bringing it to market.

Besides our capsules & tablets for athletes and our capsules to support the metabolism, we also offer the option of producing beauty capsules for your private label. You can choose between a variety of different capsules and ingredients – we are happy to advise you on new formulations and your own ideas.

Beauty capsules for skin, hair and nails

Many people are familiar with the problem of brittle nails or dull hair and are looking for better care solutions. nutrineo can help you give your target audience the products they need.

With our beauty capsules you can support your customers to develop more resilient skin, hair and nails. An example of an efficient ingredient is silica, which can help to prevent brittle nails and hair, and firm up connective tissue.

We also produce hard capsules with collagen and vitamin C to preserve normal collagen formation and support the skin’s normal function. This capsule product also contains zinc to strengthen nails and vitamin A for cell specialisation.

On your behalf, we produce both conventional hard capsules made from gelatine or cellulose (vegan) as well as soft capsules – referred to as softgels. Hard capsules can be produced for you starting from a quantity of 60,000 pieces.

Due to the more specialised and extensive production for soft capsules, the minimum order quantity for these is 300,000 pieces.

Soft or softgel capsules are especially suited to liquid and fat-bound products such as omega 3 or black cumin oil. Their softgel casing makes these capsules easy to swallow. The softgel casing also helps to protect valuable and highly concentrated ingredients for a longer period than other capsules.

For instance, vitamin complexes such as vitamin C, D and biotin, which promotes the regeneration of hair roots and the nail bed, are included in our “Skin and Hair Active” capsules together with silicic acid and gold millet extract. Silicic acid has similar benefits to silica, whereas gold millet extract can positively impact hair growth and regeneration.

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Outsourcing the production of high-quality beauty capsules

Are you looking for a partner to produce beauty capsules ? nutrineo has long-standing experience in the private label manufacturing sector.

Together with our holding company, Biohealth International GmbH, our product development team for private labels will create your desired product. Your product and your ideas remain the focus.

Our experts from the private label consulting team will support you throughout the process and answer any questions. We will help you from your initial idea to production and packaging your product – on request we can also help with marketing and logistics services.


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