Savory instead of sweet

Diet soups and snacks

Present a savory alternative to sweet diet shakes to your customers: tasty diet soups and innovative snacks from nutrineo.

Diet soups and snacks - the perfect light meal

When it comes to shakes or bars, many diet and weight management products have a rather sweet taste. nutrineo is now offering hearty alternatives with its innovative low-calorie soups and snacks. Satisfy the taste buds of even more potential customers. In general, savory soups are a good alternative or supplement to traditional shakes - not only in terms of taste but also from the physiological point of view. With their high water content, soups contribute to a proper fluid balance that is particularly important when dieting.

At the same time the energy density of soups, and here in particular of a diet soup, is very low. Thus diet soups and snacks are perfect as a meal to prevent and fight food cravings. In wintertime, soups also increase wellbeing by preventing you feeling cold while dieting. Moreover: when you feel well, you will find that you are able to follow your diet more easily.

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Individual diet soups and snacks

All of our low calorie soups and snacks are characterized by an optimal composition of nutrients. They contain high levels of dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals as well as important trace elements. These additions prevent deficiency symptoms during a reduction diet. Furthermore, high quality proteins support long-lasting satiety. When developing your diet soup or other private label products, we refrain from using gluten and/or lactose upon request for optimal weight reduction, even for people suffering from intolerances.

Are you intending to expand your product range with a diet soup or savory low calorie snacks? Contact us! We will look at your requirements thoroughly, carry out raw material research and monitor market and sales channels for you. Together we will develop products including suitable packaging that precisely fit your needs.

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