Uelzena/ nutrineo starts operation of modern high-bay warehouse

In January 2019, the fully automatic high-bay warehouse, with a storage capacity of 13,000 pallet places went into operation.

Now that the high-bay warehouse is fully operational, nutrineo, the health food specialist of Uelzena eG, meets the high logistical requirements necessary for fast delivery to its customers: Short retrieval times for stored goods (just in time), standardized processes and fully automated labelling of dispatch labels, high turnover rates and constant transparency of stocks. This means that a higher volume can be handled for our customers, which also results in faster availability of the products.

High quality customer service
The high standards also mean that nutrineo can meet many qualitative requirements that private label customers expect. These include air-conditioned storage, the very gentle transport of products by fully automated racking units and conveyors and dimensional stability of the goods.

Every day, approx. 60 trucks will deliver or pick up goods, which are stored on around 13,000 pallet spaces in various height categories. Due to the fully automated storage process, 1,300 pallets per day can be handled. All in all, the huge storage capacity will also benefit our customers.

The use of our own high-bay warehouse guarantees a high degree of independence from third parties and thus a high degree of security. The company’s warehouse resources will allow us to react more quickly and flexibly to external circumstances in the future. We can guarantee greater reliability for our customers and also reduce risks.

Successive withdrawal from
external warehouses

The operation started with the storage of compliant products such as raw materials, packaging and semi-finished goods, which need to meet certain storage requirements and specifications. 
“The step-by-step procedure for both the storage of the products in the high-bay warehouse and withdrawal from external storage locations will accelerate the material flow processes and guarantee the highest degree of security,” emphasizes Uwe Timm, Logistics Manager.

Sustainable strategy

Up until now, some external warehouses had to be used due to a lack of capacity. By June 2019 almost all products should be stored at the Uelzen site. As a result, the current number of six external warehouses will be reduced to one external warehouse to be used as a back up for risk protection purposes.

The investment of 17 million Euros will pay off both economically and ecologically: By saving long transport distances, which were previously unavoidable with the use of several external ware-houses, the environmental impact is significantly reduced which also contributes to the sustainability strategy of Uelzena eG.