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Whether it is a genetic predisposition or increased metabolic activity: some people burn more energy while resting than others. This can have undesired effects, in particular for bodybuilders who aim at growing muscles and increasing their weight. One remedy can be a diet high in energy so that the body does not have to use its own fat and protein stores.

However, instead of choosing high calorie but rather unhealthy foods such as chocolate bars, athletes should make sure that they are getting a well balanced diet. Well-formulated weight gainers are composed in an optimal way of proteins, carbohydrates and essential vitamins for better support for the healthy and lasting growth of muscles and an increase in weight.

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nutrineo weight gainer

With the nutrineo weight gainer, you can supply your customers with high quality milk and whey proteins and plant proteins from soy, which support the increase of muscle mass. And best of all: this makes the weight gainer a perfect energy supplier for stressed muscles. Moreover, the product also supports the regeneration of muscles after physical exercise

A weight gainer can also be an attractive product for other people, not just for athletes with their specific nutritional needs. For example, for people who for certain health reasons suffer with being underweight and have a hard time gaining weight or maintaining their weight with a normal diet.

The weight gainer from nutrineo offers numerous benefits to your customers:

  • Well balanced carbohydrate complex
  • Uniform protein supply
  • Sufficient nutrients to meet the carbohydrate requirements

We have already translated many private label solutions into practical applications on behalf of several of our customers; for example, in the popular chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavors. We are always open to learning about your ideas and are looking forward to developing new recipes in cooperation with you so that you can meet your customers’ demands. We also offer different packaging concepts for your weight gainer product.

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