Milk protein and coconut water

Protein in a light drink

Coconut water with milk protein is a healthy and high protein alternative to common soft drinks. It is a perfect thirst quencher while satisfying protein needs. Anytime and anywhere - coconut water is the ideal protein kick for “on the go”. Taken after physical exercise, it is a perfect and light alternative to common protein shakes. Protein coconut water is extremely refreshing when stored in a refrigerator before consumption. It is also suitable for a conscious low calorie diet because it contains only a few calories and no fat. The protein in the drink supports muscle gain and maintenance of fat-free muscle mass.

Benefits of protein water:

  • High protein level of approx. 30 g of protein per 500 ml
  • High-quality proteins
  • Balanced amino acid ratio
  • Four flavours
  • Low fat
  • Ambient storage, minimum shelf life: 9 months
  • UHT, sterilized
  • Available in 500 ml HDPE bottle (with sleeve)

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