Protein shakes high protein

Protein booster for "on the go"

We produce for you and under your brand, delicious, ready-to-drink protein shakes based on water or milk. Upon customer requests, we implement product concepts with a protein level of more than 50 g. Each flavor has been designed for its silky texture and natural taste, which make these products a great alternative to common instant protein shakes.

We offer bottle sizes of 250, 330 or 500 ml. The handy screw cap allows the bottle to be closed again so that the drink can be enjoyed throughout the day for a higher daily protein intake. Simply screw the cap back on, store the bottle in the refrigerator and enjoy the rest later. We offer a broad range of delicious flavors, ranging from strawberry, banana, chocolate and vanilla to tropic - everything is possible.

Ready-to-drink products from nutrineo are perfect for everybody looking for a simple and convenient way for their daily protein intake.

Protein shakes are perfect for consumption throughout the day. For a high protein intake, the consumption of the product before and after physical exercise is recommended. The drinks are best enjoyed when chilled. Protein shakes from nutrineo can be stored unopened at ambient temperatures.

Benefits of protein shakes:

  • Perfect for “on the go” for easy protein availability during physical exercise
  • High protein level of up to 50 mg per 500 ml
  • High quality proteins
  • Well-balanced amino acid ratio
  • Low fat
  • Suitable for ambient storage
  • Ultra high temperature treated and sterilized
  • Minimum shelf life: 9 months

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