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Outsource the manufacture of high-quality superfoods for sports and fitness enthusiasts.
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Protein food as a private label product

Protein snacks are enjoying increasing popularity and demand for a greater variety is high. nutrineo gives you the option of creating customised superfoods for your customers, covering a broad selection of products and product varieties. From muesli and fruit bars to protein balls, protein crisps and biscuits. We offer the possibility of developing and launching your own protein food with us.

Private label superfoods as a snack

Our muesli bars are the latest health snack for all nutritionally aware customers. The bars are produced at particularly low temperatures and are uncut, which gives a premium and natural visual appearance. With up to 50 percent fewer calories, these protein bars provide you with a strong selling point for your customers. In addition to the traditional fruit-flavoured fruit and oat bar with less sweetness, or our protein-rich coconut milk protein bar, we can, of course, also implement your own recipes and ideas. nutrineo produces your bars from a minimum order quantity of 5,000 pieces.

Cereal balls or protein balls are a new form of superfoods. These small, tasty snacks can be both sweet and savoury. Enjoy a chocolate protein ball with your coffee or a savoury Thai curry pea-based protein ball as a snack between meals: Our power-packed balls are versatile and varied.

We do not fry our cereal balls but dry them, which makes them especially light, vegan and low in calories. As with our muesli bars, you can also incorporate your own recipe ideas and flavour variations.

Protein pizza for greater variety

It’s no secret that athletes need protein to build muscle. As a producer of private label protein powder, nutrineo already has a classic range to actively support muscle development. However, many athletes wish there was greater variety and that’s something we can help with.

nutrineo’s protein pizza gives you a first-class protein product to help your customers supplement a healthy diet. The protein pizza is vegan, gluten and soya-free, making it suitable for vegans as well as people who are intolerant to gluten or soya. If you wish to offer your sport and fitness-interested customers an alternative to shakes, meat or dairy products, our new tasty pizza, rich in protein, is the perfect solution.

Protein porridge for more energy

A good breakfast gives you enough energy for the day. However, our protein porridge isn’t just for a healthy breakfast, it also provides a delicious meal at any time of the day. Regardless of whether you use it as porridge or muesli, this is a versatile product packed with ingredients such as oats, fruits and grains.

Outsourcing the production of high-quality protein food

Are you looking for a partner to produce protein food? nutrineo has long-standing experience in the private label manufacturing sector. Together with our holding company, Biohealth International GmbH, our product development team for private labels will create your desired product. Your product and your ideas remain the focus.

Our experts from the private label consulting team will support you throughout the process and answer any questions. We will help you from your initial idea to production and packaging your product – on request we can also help with marketing and logistics services.


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