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Performance Drinks from nutrineo: offer your customers targeted performance improvements

Improve your performance with Mother Nature

An increasing number of athletes strive to optimize their performance to be the best. Apart from sophisticated training and diet concepts, this often also involves a targeted performance increase with selected nutrients. This is when nutrineo comes into play: we offer specifically formulated drinks for energy and performance.

Certain plant extracts are especially suitable for a targeted increase in performance. One genuine traditional product is guarana from South America. It supplies natural caffeine, keeps you mentally awake, counteracts fatigue and improves concentration and endurance during physical exercise. We use guarana extract in our performance improving products.

The body cannot immediately absorb the non-water-soluble extract. The benefit: other than for caffeine, where the boost of energy takes places immediately and drops immediately again; guarana is released slowly over time. The body can utilize its energy reserves over a prolonged period of time. This increases the performance during training noticeably and most of all in a sustainable fashion.


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Product concept – Energy and Performance

In the past we have implemented Energy and Performance products. Amongst these are Performance Drinks with guarana and caffeine. We will also develop private label products for increased performance as well as suitable packaging; both are designed to precisely fit your needs. Our drinks for performance improvement offer your customers several benefits:

  • More endurance and physical stamina
  • Suitable for a vegetarian diet
  • Gluten-free
  • Aspartame-free
  • Made in Germany

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