Whey - production and application in focus

Sufficient protein intake is important for muscle growth. Only those who supply their muscles with enough can achieve their goals. There are several ways to additionally take protein via, for example, whey protein. The whey protein is obtained for products such as whey protein shakes and whey protein concentrates. Whey is one of the best known and most popular proteins for muscle building and muscle maintenance. Other protein powders are made, for example, from egg, casein, soy, rice or beef.

The production of whey protein concentrate (WPC)

Whey is made from cow's milk and is a by-product of cheese production. Cow's milk protein is composed of 20% whey protein and 80% casein. (
By filtration, the whey is extracted from the milk and processed in further separation processes to whey protein concentrate (WPC) or whey protein isolate (WPI).
After successful filtration and subsequent drying the water is remove of the whey and a powdery product is formed. This is called whey concentrate and usually contains 70-80% protein and it is very low fat.

Whey protein isolate (WPI) to optimize muscle building

For the production of whey protein isolate, lactose and cholesterol are removed in the production process whereby the protein content can be increased up to 95%.
The basic of functioning of the protein does not differ from other proteins such as casein or plant proteins.  The amino acids contained provide primarily building blocks for the cell structure. However, the amino acids of whey protein are within 30-45 minutes in the blood and are therefore the body is able to build new cells or muscle mass quickly. Accordingly, a whey protein shake should be taken immediately after of a hard workout. By supplementing with whey protein shakes, it is possible to increase protein demand e.g. to cover during intensive strength training, malnutrition or as part of a diet.

As a private label specialist, nutrineo offers whey protein shakes in powder form or liquid in a bottle. The protein shakes are available in various sizes and flavors, e.g. cookies + cream, strawberry or chocolate. nutrineo recommends taking whey protein shakes regularly before and after training to support the achievement of athletic goals optimally.