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nutrineo | 10/2020


Low temperatures are not necessarily a reason to stop outdoor exercises such as jogging or cycling. Outdoor sport carried out at temperatures slightly below zero usually presents no problems - if you…
nutrineo | 09/2019

Collagen Peptides

nutrineo presents tailor-made sports nutrition concepts for muscle build-up and healthy ligaments and joints with collagen. Advanced adult age is associated with profound changes in body composition.
nutrineo | 08/2019

Superfruits in sports nutrition

What do aronia berries, pomegranates, turmeric, beetroot, avocados and currants have in common? What sounds more like a strange smoothie combination to some is actually a nutritional trend.…
nutrineo | 03/2018


Athletic success can only come about through proper recovery. The recovery afterwards is just as important as the intensity of the training.