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Sports in Winter

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Sport even in the cold? No problem at all!

Cold weather doesn’t have to be a reason to give up jogging or cycling. Even at temperatures a few degrees below freezing, outdoor sport is rarely a problem – with the appropriate clothing and preparation. Athletes just need to consider a few rules when doing sport outside in winter to make sure their body and airways are properly protected.

When exercising, you inhale large amounts of cold, dry air that cools and dries out the mucous membranes in your respiratory tract. For a healthy person, low temperatures do not present a problem, even at around zero degrees Celsius. But some people are more sensitive and may react, for example, with a dry cough.

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Endurance sports are especially well suited to winter

Cold, wintry weather is ideal for steady endurance sports that exert a constant stress on the body, such as:

  • Cross-country skiing
  • Hiking
  • Walking
  • Gentle jogging

This is because your breathing is slower and shallower under constant stress, and you usually inhale sufficient air through your nose.

Sport at sub-zero temperatures is an additional strain on your immune system. If the mucous membranes of your respiratory tract dry out, this inhibits the constant flow of secretions. These secretions would usually help to remove pathogens by causing you to blow your nose or to kill them by flushing them into your acid-filled stomach. Without these secretions, it’s easier for viruses to settle in your mucous membranes and spread.

H2: The innovative iMMUNE CARBO drink supports athletes in winter

As a private label manufacturer of sports nutrition, nutrineo has devoted itself to the specific needs and requirements of athletes who can withstand wind and weather by developing the iMMUNE CARBO drink. Katrin Rathjens, ecotrophologist and product developer at nutrineo, explains: “When you are doing intense sport, you are advised to drink sufficient fluids – ideally an isotonic drink, which compensates for the loss of water and nutrients while doing prolonged physical activity.” The iMMUNE CARBO drink has been specially developed for the colder season and is therefore the ideal drink for anyone also doing sport outside in winter. 

The combination of selected vitamins and minerals supports the function of the immune system. In particular, the high dose of vitamin C reduces the open window effect. The open window refers to the immunological void after physical exertion. The sports drink with a refreshing ginger and lemon flavour is also entirely natural and is made without any artificial ingredients or sweeteners. The special feature of this drink is that, along with a balanced vitamin and minerals complex, it also contains a very special carbohydrate: Palatinose™.

H2: Lower increase in blood sugar level with Palatinose™

“The ingredient Palatinose™ is a completely available carbohydrate with a low glycaemic index. The energy from Palatinose™ (isomaltulose) is provided in the form of glucose,” says Rathjens. “As a result of the slower digestion and resorption of Palatinose™ in the small intestine, energy is supplied with a lower impact on the blood glucose level.”


The consumption of drinks that contain isomaltulose instead of other sugars means that the blood sugar level rises less sharply after drinking compared to drinks that contain sugar. The physiological properties of Palatinose™ have been thoroughly studied and have been established in a comprehensive body of research.

Offer your customers an innovative sports drink for winter

Would you also like to offer your customers an innovative drink for exercising in winter? Then take advantage of our long-standing experience as a manufacturer of private label sports drinks and contact our experts for advice. We support you in the development, production and even in the storage and distribution of your products – all according to the areas in which you would like support. Expand your product range to include our iMMUNE CARBO drink and offer your customers an isotonic drink with key vitamins, minerals and Palatinose™, which is optimally tailored to the requirements of sports in cold weather.


What sport should you do outside in winter?

At low temperatures in winter, sports that promote regular movements are most suitable because your breathing is less rapid and your airways are exposed to less stress. These kinds of sports include cross-country skiing, hiking, walking and gentle jogging.

Why is nutrineo’s iMMUNE CARBO drink suited to cold weather sport?

The iMMUNE CARBO drink contains beneficial vitamins and minerals, thereby helping to support the immune system. In addition, the isotonic drink is also specifically suited to endurance sports activities because of the completely available carbohydrate Palatinose™. These properties make nutrineo’s iMMUNE CARBO drink the ideal beverage for exercising in the cold season.


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Verena Claus

Verena Claus
Head of Marketing
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