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nutrineo | 09/2019

Collagen Peptides

nutrineo presents tailor-made sports nutrition concepts for muscle build-up and healthy ligaments and joints with collagen. Advanced adult age is associated with profound changes in body composition.
nutrineo | 04/2015

Sports nutrition for women

The average sportswoman does not see herself as a professional athlete. Usually, women train to shape their bodies, to reduce stress, to feel fit or to maintain or lose bodyweight.

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nutrineo | 08/2019

Superfruits in sports nutrition

What do aronia berries, pomegranates, turmeric, beetroot, avocados and currants have in common? What sounds more like a strange smoothie combination to some is actually a nutritional trend.…
nutrineo | 02/2019

Foil packaging under pressure

3.5 million tons of garbage are produced by the world's population every day. By 2025, the number will almost double. Already, the impact on the environment is immense. Above all, plastics play a…
nutrineo | 03/2018


Athletic success can only come about through proper recovery. The recovery afterwards is just as important as the intensity of the training.
nutrineo | 10/2016

Stevia – natural sweetness

In November 2011 the European Union approved the use of stevia for different types of food. This means that food products sweetened with steviol glycosides may be officially placed on the market.