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You have developed a product, but lack the capacity to produce it yourself? Or you want to outsource the production for economical reasons? Then contract manufacturing is the perfect concept for you.

One thing is of the utmost importance when you place the production of your ideas into other hands: trust! We have more than 40 years of experience in contract manufacturing of sports nutrition and weight management products- this should give you the good feeling of cooperating with real experts.

Advanced mixing plants, experienced staff and certified processes ensure the precise dosage and the highest food safety levels. We manufacture powders from 500 kg, capsules/ tablets from 60.000 pcs and liquids from 1.000 l.

We will implement existing formulations quickly and reliably and produce for you on an industrial scale if required. We always maintain documentation and perform analyses adapted to your requirements. This allows for a lot of flexibility for you while delivering that great feeling that you can be sure that all of the important standards have been complied with - from the precise weighing of raw materials to mixing, filling and final packaging.

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Contract manufacturing: Service, diversity and quality

In particular, in the sector of food and food supplements, ongoing and reliable analysis is essential. It goes without saying that we have comprehensive analytical possibilities and certified laboratories at hand. Our microbiology laboratory is a national reference lab for the DRRR (German Reference Office for Ring Tests and Reference Materials) and of course certified according to DIN ISO/IEC17025:2005 on a regular basis. Our central laboratory at our Uelzen facility is divided into several areas for bacteriology, enzymology, powder testing and there is also an isolated pathogens lab.  As standard, we are certified according to IFS and ISO.  We also apply GMP principles in our production.

Our special strength in the field of contract manufacturing is the production of different dry products. However, we also offer a series of other product variations. We have flexible and high performance equipment at our command, which can be used for example, for producing dry pre-mixes for liquid products. Other services that we offer include spraying of liquids and further processing via UHT and sterilization as well as filling tasks. We can also improve the texture of the powder and the dusting characteristics in our processes.
Our contract manufacturing products and services at a glance: powders, liquids, mixing, spraying, drying, agglomerating, instantization.

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